UN Habitat supports World Water Day celebration in Nepal

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Kathmandu, 30 April: "Clean Water for a Healthy World" is a common theme for the global community participating in the World Water Day (WWD) 2010 throughout the World. The overall goal of the WWD campaign of this year is to raise the profile of water quality at political level so that water quality considerations are made alongside those of water quantity. The day is celebrated every year on 22nd March to mark the importance of freshwater and advocating for sustainable management of freshwater resources. In Nepal, Nepal National Water Week Organization Committee (NNWWOC) 2010, led by Secretary of Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS), was formed to organize a week long "Nepal National Water Week 2010" with the slogan –'Communicating Water Quality; Challenges and Opportunities'. The water week had been designed to commemorate the World Water Day 2010 and World Meteorological Day 2010. The committee consists of 22 members from different organizations, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, professional societies, academicians, and youth groups. UN HABITAT also took part in the campaign, and provided its supports in a week long scheduled activities. An interaction programme was organized with this support on 19 April to sensitize the politicians and policy makers on water related issues so that they would address the issues while drafting new constitution and forming other policies and strategies. At the programme, Constitution Assembly members, representatives of political parties and members of Natural Resource Management Committee (NRMC) had been invited introduce them to the issues related to water quantity and quality in the country. At the workshop, Honorable Santa Chaudhary, Chairperson of NRMC, CA assured that she would try her best to address water related issues at policy level and requested all the participants to act from individual level. Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, UN Habitat and Guthi had jointly organized WATSAN Media Fellowship Award 2009 which declared 10 journalists as the winner in three different categories particularly newspaper journalists, radio journalists and television journalists. The winners of this fellowship were also felicitated by providing certificate and cash award during the closing ceremony of water week. Various other events were also organized to enhance the effect of National Water Week celebration in Nepal. In the process, information on water related issues were disseminated and public opinions in this regard were collected through social networking sites. Similarly, nationwide open online photography competition, and inter school art and poem competition were also organized. Students were introduced to water related issues by organizing symposium on 'Communicating Water Quality: Challenges and Opportunities'. Likewise, a training programme was also conducted on Virtual Academy Course on Hydrological Modeling. Street dramas were performed to enhance public knowledge on water quality and its associated issues.