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Parya Sampada


  • This project will support the Government of Nepal’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)
  • It supports in achieving SDG 8 (Decent work & Economic Growth), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production)
  • It aims to promote Sustainable Tourism and Green Growth in Settlements of Kathmandu Valley thereby promoting sustainable development, reducing poverty and contributing towards mitigating climate change
  • It aims to demonstrate how heritage settlements like Bungamati can be revived through sustainable tourism


The overall objective of this project is to promote Sustainable Tourism and Green Growth in Heritage Settlements of Kathmandu Valley thereby encouraging sustainable development, reducing poverty and mitigating climate change. Two specific objectives of this projects are:

  • Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in heritage settlement with the support of policy makers of reconstruction
  • Develop Bungamati as a center for sustainable tourism through green growth, sustainable rebuilding, entrepreneurship among women & youth, Small Medium Entrepreneurship (SME) engagement & investment and product innovation.


  • Green rebuilding of Bungamati with a focus on Sustainable Heritage Tourism
  • Municipal and community capacity enhanced in green development planning / procurement, tools for green buildings & heritage conservation developed and green tourism promoted
  • Establishment of platform for policy dialogue to disseminate learnings of Bungamati
  • Capacity of local youth & women entrepreneurs in SMEs eco-tourism enterprises in Bungamati & Pilachhen built & tourism services strengthened
  • Sustainable tourism supply chain improved by strengthened back / forward linkage


  • Prepare comprehensive heritage settlement recovery plan and plan for public amenities of Bungamati and Pilachhen
  • Provide technical assistance in rebuilding of private houses as well as facilitate house owners to get subsidized home loans
  • Develop artisans with traditional house construction skills
  • Establish multipurpose training center and enhanced existing cultural museum of Bungamati
  • Improve public spaces compatible to heritage & tourism focusing on solid waste management
  • Prepare Municipal green heritage settlement recovery policy guidelines and municipal policy
  • Prepare tourism based entrepreneurship development plan
  • Capacity of youths and women built in entrepreneurship skills
  • Youth and women led micro-saving groups formed and mobilized
  • Support to establish network of heritage settlements and promote sustainable tourism network

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