200 Households benefited from water plan

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Denizens in Lalitpur-6 are making their efforts to construct a model water distribution system in Lalitpur, Nepal. The system has been designed to supply drinking water to the local people Benefited Households at Sundhara. suffering from chronic water scarcity. The system, after its completion, will tap water from the famous Golden Spout in Lalitpur, popularly known as Sundhara, which discharges 100,000 Litres of water during monsoon and 40,000 Litres in summer every day. The collected water will be then distributed in the community. The proposed water management system is expected to help meet the demand of drinking water in Sundhara area of Lalitpur. Sundhara has also been renovated recently with public contribution. "200 households in the community will get benefit from the system in its initial phase", said Manoj Chipalu, Chairman of Prabhat Pariwar- a local body representing community people. He told that a 35,000 Litre storage tank will be constructed near the stone spout to collect water from the spout during night. Thus collected water will be then processed and distributed through pipelines laid in the community.