US students raise more than USD 10,000 for Nepal water project

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Students at Bentley University in Boston, have raised funds amounting to more than USD 10,000 for UN HABITAT’s Water for Asian Cities Programme. The money is being used for a rainwater conservation project in Nepal. The monies were raised under the Project H2O campaign by a team of dedicated students of Bentley University to support the clean water initiatives Nepal. Bentley International Student's Association, Bentley Greek Council, Bentley Spring Day Donations, community members and pay pals of websites made the donations amounting to USD 10,836. The monies were handed to UN-HABITAT by the President of the campaign Mr. Ankur Agrawal on 4 November 2009. UN HABITAT has allotted the fund to a rainwater conservation project launched in Lalitpur Municipality, Nepal as part of the agency’s Water for Asian Cities programme. The idea is to demonstrate rain and groundwater conservation at the community level, and to restore traditional water sources by helping replenish ground supplies.