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Global Sanitation Fund – 2015 Mid-Year Update

Publisher: WSSCC
Year: 2015
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In the first half of 2015, Global Sanitation Fund (GSF)-supported programmes reported significant progress in helping large numbers of people improve their sanitation and adopt good hygiene practices. Over 9.9 million people in more than 36,500 communities now live in open defecation free (ODF) environments, an increase of approximately 2.9 million people since December 2014. In addition, over 8.2 million people have access to improved toilets, an increase of about
4 million since December 2014. Furthermore, over 77,400 communities have participated in triggering activities to improve behaviour and increase demand related to sanitation and hygiene.

These results are encouraging and reinforce the effectiveness of the GSF model, which is people-centred, community managed and demand-driven. They also underline the efforts of the hundreds of partners within the GSF network, who are together addressing the sanitation and hygiene crisis – one of the most important issues of our time.