Sani-News April-June 2012


On the occasion of National Sanitation Week 2012, GSF Programme in Nepal is proud to present the first issue of our quarterly newsletter “Sani-News.” This e-news bulletin aims to share with all stakeholders the activities, outputs and impacts of the GSF programme in Nepal so as to promote coordination and learning within the sector. GSF is also supporting the National Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Committee (NSHCC) in publishing a quarterly newsletter “Sarsafai Sandesh” in Nepali language in order to share information, learning and best practices within the sector. With these initiatives, we hope that the sector as a whole will be able to learn from experience and drive towards the target of 100 percent sanitation coverage by 2017.

This first issue of Sani News highlights some of the work done under GSF programme in Nepal so far. This includes formation and reformation of V-WASH-CCs in 30 VDCs where GSF is active, training of trainers, and sanitation campaigns in the two districts and two municipalities. It has a dashboard with progress made so far, a profile of a local sanitation champion, innovations from Bajura and a news clip from local media. We encourage you to provide us with your valuable feedback on this bulletin and contact us for further information on GSF programme in Nepal.