ODF Zone campaign

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22 Dec 2017, A campaign began in Saptari to help Chhinnamasta Rural Municipality achieve open defecation free zone status by the end of the year. Chairman of the rural municipality Surya Narayan Mandal inaugurated the campaign on Wednesday pledging to intensify construction of latrines in every household of Chhinamasta. The campaign is part of a broader campaign to declare the entire district an ODF zone by the end of this year. Mandal also started construction of latrine in his home on Thursday. Earlier, even Mandai's house didn't have a toilet. Around 460 of the total,632 households in the rural municipality still lack latrines despite dozens of government and non -government organisation's active engagement in the area to facilitate its journey towards becoming an ODF zone. "I look forward to declaring the rural municipality an ODF zone by ensuring latrines are built in the remaining households," said Mandal.