Mattya Festival in Bungamati to attract tourist

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26 August 2018, Lalitpur SABAH Nepal marked the Matya festival at Bungamati with the objective to promote the event and attract more tourist in Bungamati. This festival is mainly celebrated by Buddhist Newars of Patan as they are the avid followers of Gautam Buddha or as they call him Shakyamuni Buddha. Matya is also known as “Deep Yatra” meaning light travel. The festival falls around August-September based on the date calculated by the priest according to lunar calendar. Mattya generally comes after Gai Jatra Festival in other part of Patan except in Bungamati. Bungamati is different to rest of Patan to celebrate Mattya as it does on the day of Janai Purnima. To promote the route of Mattya, SABAH Nepal develop the map of Matya route and promoted through social media especially facebook page of the project. The matya route of Bungamati was also shared by Nepal Tourism Board that contributed to reach the wiser mass of the audience. In total, the matya festival route was seen by more than twenty-three thousand people in facebook page. SABAH Nepal designed the dress for young girls and adults for the matya festival using local fabric “Haku patachhi”. The dress was designed for 10 young girls and five adult women who wore the dress on the day of Matya. On the day of matya festival, local people make common dress in a group and wear while walking through different shrines of Bungamati. This made the event very colorful and rich in diverse fashion. Girls and women were well dressed up with local attire and traditional ornaments that gave classical and beautiful look. There were bunch of musicians who played flute and other traditional instruments like Dhime baja and others.