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Gold Ear Rings or Toilet…? My best decision ever!

Sindhupalchowk, Sunti Maya Tamang, 63, is proud owner of a clean toilet which she constructed after selling her lovely gold earrings. Like others she had been defecating openly till GSF Sanitation Program started in her village. While others in her village in Irkhu VDC of Sindhupalchowk started constructing toilets after GSF intervention, she was unable to make one due to her poor economic condition. Tamang’s husband passed away some 10 years ago, leaving her with their 4 children. When everyone asked her to build toilet, Tamang tried to find loan from her neighbors but she could not get it. So, the best option she had was her gold earrings. “I had got these earrings after a long wait by selling my goat but I invested it on toilet as it was more useful and now I am more concerned about my health.” Out of the Rs. 13,000 that she received from selling her ear rings, she invested NPR 12,000 for toilet construction. When her VDC, Irkhu was declared as ODF VDC she was awarded Rs. 1000 and certificate of appreciation by the VDC –Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-Coordination Committee. She proudly said, “I’m rewarded because of constructing toilet by selling my gold ear rings. I am very glad with my decision”