Sani-News July- September 2012


The Global Sanitation Fund recently evaluated the performance of UN-HABITAT as the Executing Agency (EA) for the GSF programme in Nepal and came to the conclusion that the EA’s performance “meets their requirements.” Although there were some initial delays in implementing the GSF programme in Nepal, the programme has now picked up speed and extended its reach to all five target districts. However, the evaluation has pointed out that because of the initial delays, there is a need to significantly accelerate the delivery of the GSF programme in the field and increase the programme expenditure. It has also suggested that the EA ensures proper monitoring and evaluation to keep tab of the process and ensure quality control.

The positive evaluation has enabled UN-HABITAT to roll out the next three year programme of GSF. While the programme has just been launched in Sindhupalchowk, Arghakhachi and Sunsari districts in the second funding round, the efforts of the first funding round sub-grantees in Bardiya and Bajura districts are starting to bear fruit. As a result, the first VDC under the GSF programme is now ready to be declared as ODF. While this is only a small step towards our target of declaring more than 200 VDCs as ODF, it is an important milestone for the programme.

Although the targets to be achieved over the next three years are daunting, UN-HABITAT is confident that with the support from partners, particularly the sub-grantees and the District WASH Coordination Committees, the GSF programme in Nepal will be able to meet its target and contribute towards meeting the national target of 100 percent sanitation coverage by 2017.