Sanitation Promotional Campaign at its prime

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Open defecation free campaign has gain a momentum in Bardiya District. 20 VDCs located in the north eastern part of the district are lucky that at least one or two highways cross their VDCs and also have easy access to district headquarter Gulariya and to Nepalgunj. On the contrary, 11 VDCs of the district that lie in Rajapur Tappa (Island), are remote and isolated from the district headquarter and rest of the country as it is confined by the Karnali River in two sides,. This unfavorable location coupled with low socio- economic condition of the communities and underdevelopment within does not deter the construction ofaround 3000 new toilets . It was possible because of the awareness campaign, facilitated by IDS Nepal in support of the GSF program, which triggers communities to use and maintain improved latrines and inculcate hygiene practices. Till date, 30 wards are declared as ODF zone which includes 5 wards from Patabhar VDC, 4 wards from Despite financial and geographical constraint, everywhere around this area people seem busy in collecting rings and pans to build toilets. Everyones seems to be supportive and are contributing a lot to the sanitation campaign. They have begun to adapt good sanitary practices. Sense of ownership and accountability among local stakeholders such as V-WASH-CCs, School teachers and Child Clubs, Ward Citizen Forums, Political leaders, Badghars and FCHVs has been growing up rapidly. As a result, a number of wards are lining up to get ODF declaration in upcoming days. Ownership building at the smallest local administrative unit as wards is certainly going to yield long term sustainability ensuring bottom up planning and institutionalization. At the same time because of this campaign, sense of collective participation and efforts has been developing among communities for other social welfare activities too. Additionally, since most of the inhabitants are from tharu community, ODF campaign has helped to preserve and promote their own culture.