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Initial Assessment of the Impact of Karnali Earthquake 2023 on Persons with Disabilities

Publisher: UN-HABITAT Nepal and UNESCAP in collaboration with NFD-N
Year: 2024
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In partnership with the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFD-N), UNESCAP and UN-HABITAT Nepal, through a collaborative effort under “Mainstreaming LNOB in Urban Policies & Programs in South Asia Project” have prepared a report based on the Initial Assessment of the Impact of the Karnali Earthquake in 2023 on Persons with Disabilities. The assessment gathered quantitative and qualitative data on the impact of the Karnali earthquake on persons with disabilities and their access to basic services. This report provides evidence to ensure inclusive policies, particularly in disaster response, relief, temporary shelter, livelihood, and strengthening disaster resilience, with particular focus on housing reconstruction.