National Level Training on Sustainable Housing

A national level training programme on sustainable housing for decision makers was organized jointly with Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) and Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) on March 25-28, 2014 in Kathmandu. Twenty-five participants from MoFALD, DUDBC, three selected municipalities and professional organization – SONA and NEA and technical staff of  project partners participated in the training. The main aim of the training programme was to guide the decision makers towards sustainable housing approach, services and technologies.  The 4-day training programme comprised lecture classes, group discussion, demonstration and field visit.  Training programmes were divided into different session as per Green Homes components – sustainable construction materials, passive solar design, energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management as well as green labelling system. This training has helped to orient the participants of the government agencies and municipalities on project goals, global trend towards green building and state of art technologies and practices developed and adopted worldwide.