Support Upscale Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Country Strategy Implementation, Policy Support and Capacity Development



Size of grant: USD 40,000

Purpose of CFP: The purpose of this call is to identify an NGO partner to undertake an Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) to implement activities as described hereunder.


Submission Start Date: 16 December 2020

Submission Deadline Date and time: 29 December, 2020; 17:00 Hrs Nepal Time


Project Key Information

·         UN-Habitat Project title : Support to Land Reform Initiatives in Nepal

·         Locations

o   Town/City:

o   Country: Nepal

·         Anticipated start date: 15 January, 2021

·         Estimated duration of project in calendar months: 11 months (to be closed by end of December 2021)

·         Maximum proposed value in US$: 40,000

·         Lead Organization Unit: UN-Habitat, Nepal



Brief Background of the Project

(State the purpose, main goal, and specific objectives of the project)


Past project activities with the application of GLTN tools were successfully accomplished in supporting national land policy development, development of a Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (FFPLA) Country     Strategy as an enabling tool to support implementation of pro-poor and gender responsive land policy in Nepal, development of a common country priority on land issues with specific role of land stakeholders and promote understanding of selected provincial and municipal level policy makers and other actors on National Land Policy and FFPLA Country Strategy. As a technical framework for FFP implementation participatory mapping and open-source land information system tool Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) was successfully tested in several municipalities for land context mapping and Identification, Verification and Recordation (IVR) of landless, Sukumbashi, and informal tenure holders.  With the enactment of Land Use Act and the Land Act (Eighteenth Amendment) and formation of Land Issues Resolving Commission (called Land Commission hereunder) legislative and institutional framework for land tenure security is in place. Land Commission has made MOU with different municipalities to for this purpose. This call is made to find an NGO partner to come up with an Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) for furthering the ongoing GLTN country level engagement in selected municipalities in Nepal aligning with the GLTN strategic Plan 2018-2030, UNDAF 2018-2022 and the UN Socio-Economic Recovery Framework for Nepal, and support in up-scale FFP approach for tenure security.


Objectives of AOC:

Support to upscale Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Country Strategy Implementation, Policy Support and Capacity Development


Main activities and outputs

The Implementing Partner will be undertaking main activities as follows (but not limited to):


1.  Carryout Study on Tenancy Rights and Unregistered Tenancy of Land

A detailed study on the tenancy rights and the status of unregistered tenancy to support specific policy interventions to be undertaken to identify status country-wide.


2.  Support to Land Information System

The Land Commission has closely looked at the STDM methodology applied in different municipalities and considered to upgrade the data already collected for their potential use. Data collection and data analysis support will be extended to fully cover at least 14 Municipalities including 4 municipalities who are currently under progress e,g, Ratnanagar, Belaka, Kankai and Dangisaran and 10 new municipalities possibly Dhangadhimai, Hariwan, Bagmati-Makwanpur, Rupnagar, Kawasoti, Kanchan, Gurwakot, Panchpuri, Krishnapur and Gauriganga.


3. Undertake Engaged Dialogue on Land Policy, Land Acts and Fit For Purpose Land Administration (FFPLA) Tools

More engaged dialogues to support provincial and municipal/ local levels in finalizing their land policy and necessary legislation will be taken up. Land Policy and acts include various governance issues which need immediate attention whilst due to COVID-19, landless and people with informal tenure are more vulnerable to livelihood and access to land and land tenure security are vital Engaged dialogues with municipalities and communities in the adoption and implementation of land policies are conducted to promote FFP solutions.

The selected NGO implementing partner (IP) shall support UN-Habitat and implement the activities to bring out outputs in consultation with and support from Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation (MOLMCPA), Land Commission, and the respective municipalities in line with and as a follow-up for up-scale of the earlier initiatives.

How to Apply:

All the interested organization are requested to submit both technical and financial proposal through email to no later than 29 December 2020. The size of the email must not exceed 10 MB. In case if you have any queries contact for any technical matter queries and for financial matter queries.

Telephone calls will not be entertained.

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