Relief materials to vulnerable women

Posted 8 June, 12:30 pm

June 8th 2015, More than 2400 local women from twelve earthquake affected communities in the outskirts of Kathmandu received relief materials. The relief package included a sleeping mattress, a towel, a solar lamp, and a reusable infant napkin.

Thankful to the supporters, Saraswati Mali from Thecho, Lalitpur who came with her five-month old baby to receive relief materials, hopes to prevent her baby during difficult times during monsoon rains.

According to Zhang Zhenshan, UN-Habitat Program Manager for China, the initiative particularly supported vulnerable women like elderly, single, pregnant/having newborn babies.

The initiative is a joint effort of Tencent, China Women’s Development Foundation, UN-Habitat, and Lumanti together with a number of local saving and credit co-operatives.