Nepal’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant with Biogas Reactor constructed

Posted 26 September, 12:44 pm

Dhulikhel Municipality and Shreekhandapur Wastewater Treatment Plant Users Committee with support of UN-HABITAT’s Water for Asian Cities Programme Nepal has established the largest community based Reed Bed Wastewater Treatment Plant (RBT) of Nepal. The biogas reactor has also been connected to the plant for biogas ganeration purpose. Dhulikhel Municipality and UN-HABITAT jointly organized a workshop in Dhulikhel on September 24th to disseminate the technology for its replication in other municipalities. The representatives from various municipalities and organizations participated in the programme.

Inaugurating the programme, Mr. Kishor Thapa, joint secretary at the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, said that reed bed wastewater treatment plant can contribute in reducing river pollution by effectively treating wastewater before its discharge into water body. He further told that the government will conduct further research on the effectiveness and efficiency of Reed Bed Wastewater Treatment system to improve the technology for its replication in other municipalities.

Dr Roshan Raj Shrestha, chief technical advisor of UN-HABITAT South Asian Region, believed that Shreekhandapur Wastewater
Treatment Plant will help the community in energy optimization by generating biogas from the waste in addition to contributing in
sludge management. He said that the treatment plant will also be supportive in increasing agricultural productivity as the sludge
from the digester will be used as fertilizer.

Purna Bahadur Karmacharya, the president of the Users’ Committee, informed the participants that committee will supply biogas in
the community and the revenue collected from the consumer will be then used for the operation and maintenance of the treatment
plant to ensure the sustainability of the treatmenet plant.