Learning Exchange Workshop on Localization of Land Governance discusses security of land tenure and land use planning in Nepal

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A two-days Learning Exchange Workshop on Localization of Land Governance focusing on security of land tenure and land use planning was co-organized by Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) with the support of UN-Habitat and Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) in Kawasoti on 19-20 May 2023. A total of 38 participants from the 12 project municipalities, 1 host municipality Kawasoti, Survey Department, Land Management Training Centre, UN-Habitat and CSRC participated. Among the 12 project municipalities 5 municipalities teams were led by respective Mayors/ Chairs and rest by the Head of Land Units. MP of local constituency joined briefly. Vice Chair of National Land Commission joined online and responded to the key issues raised in the Group discussions. The objectives of the Workshop were to review progress on the ongoing activities on support to land tenure security in the target municipalities, and to participate in the Learning Exchange on Localization of Land Governance focusing on the experiences in the implementation of land tenure security and land use planning activities in the target municipalities. The Workshop was addressed by Dr Shashank Koirala, MP and Viced Chair of National Land Commission Mr Nahendra Khadka additional to learning exchanges and experience sharing from the Mayors/ Chairs/ Land Unit Heads of the 12 project municipalities. Based on the key issues raised the participants from the municipalities were distributed into five groups and advised to discuss more details of the learnings and provide recommendations on issues related to policy and legislative aspects, methods and process aspects, and management aspects.

Among the key presentations at the workshop were experiences in Land Use Zoning and Land Use Planning Mr Saugat Karki and Mr Gopal Giri (CSRC), issues related to localization of land governance from Mr Ganesh Bhatta (LMTC), and application of FFP approach in IVR of landless and landuse planning from Raja Ram Chhatkuli (UN-Habitat). The panel discussions moderated by Kalpana Karki (CSRC) on the issues raised during the two days were participated by Mr Janak Raj Joshi (Survey Department), Ganesh Bhatta (LMTC) and Raja Ram Chhatkuli (UN-Habitat).

The Workshop was closed with a summary from Jagat Deuja (CSRC) and short reflection each from the 5 attending Mayors/Chairs of municipalities.