Children as Agent of Change for Promoting Inclusive & Accessible Dhulikhel City

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Kathmandu, December 12 

In Collaboration with the Dhulikhel municipality and Dhulikhel Municipal Child Club Network, UN Habitat in Nepal celebrated International Day of Persons with Disability (IDPD) on December 3, 2022, by organizing an inter school child art competition under the theme “Disability Friendly Dhulikhel City”, in support of the vision set by the Municipality.

The art competition sought participants, in total 22, from all wards and local schools, with gender balance. The participants were between grade 8 to 10, who were first sensitized on the concept of disability, its topology, the major barriers and way forward for breaking the barriers through different videos and IEC materials. The theme of their artwork was on suggesting how Dhulikhel municipality can be catering inclusive infrastructures and service delivery system to translate the concept of accessibility into reality.

Mr. Pawan Pradhan, Art & Science teacher from Sanjivani Secondary School, facilitated evaluation of the art and support the participants to evolve their concept of accessibility and disability-friendly city through drawing, innovative techniques, colour composition to deliver the message through the piece of art.

Five best arts were selected, and the winners presented their ideas and thoughts to the wider participants and municipal official. Ms. Pratika Praja, (Class 8) from Panchakanya basic School secured the first position, Ms. Smiriti Tamang (Class 8) from Shree Baljyoti Basic School stood the second position. Likewise Ms. Krisma Shrestha (Class 9) from Divine Light Secondary English Boarding School secured third position and Mr. Sagar Tamang Blon (Class 10) and Mr. Samir Kaliraj (Class9) received the consolation prize. While all other participants were rewarded with gifts and certificate appreciating their participation.

In the presentation session, Ms. Pratika Praja described her concept of inclusive society, through inclusive and participative event, with infrastructure without barriers, and making public spaces such as green parks, public toilets accessible to all including persons with disability. She also presented the concept of active involvement of person with disabilities in different sectors of societies, both in economic and social sphere, for making them independent and giving the sense of respect and belonging in home and in the society.

In the event, Mr. Bhoj Kumar Thakuri, Chief of the education department of Dhulikhel municipality, Ms. Pragya Pradhan, Habitat Programme Manager of UN-Habitat, Mr. Milan Bagale, Project Coordinator of UN- Habitat, Mr. Saurav Dhital, President of Dhulikhel Municipal Child Club Network & Mr. Subodh Dhimal, Child Right Activist & Program Mobilizer of the Child Club Network highlighted the concept & importance of inclusive city and necessity of the involvement of children in such initiative.

The theme of this year’s IDPD was “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: The role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world”. This annual celebration of IDPD on December 3 was proclaimed in 1992 by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3 and Nepal is celebrating this day since 2013 with various national and local level events.