Strong political committed for ODF

Posted 25 June, 02:55 pm

Sarlahi, 16th June could be taken as the golden day for sarlahi district ODF movement that grabbed strongest political commitment to accelerate ODF campaign. The occasion was the First Municipality Sanitation Conference in Malangwa where Former minister and current CA member Mr. Mahendra Ray, Former minister and current CA member Ms. Chanda Chaudhari, Current CA member Mr. Jangilal Ray, CA
member Mrs. Kamala Devi Mahato and Mrs. Rajeshwori Devi Sah expressed their commitment to support ODF movement in the district. Ms. Chanda Chaudhari informed that she has got support from Indian Embassy to build a well facilitated Sulav Toilet in Malangwa municipality which could partially be used as a lodge and facility of ATM, Library and other similar services could also be added to this toilet building. It would be managed by a Sulav team for the next 25 years and then handed over to local authority. She also expressed her commitment to support for 5 VDCs ODF declarations. This was the strongest commitment ever heard where CA member taking responsibility for ODF declaration. Similarly, CA member Jangilal Ray expressed his commitment to involve into ODF campaign in the VDC he belongs from and also accompany in adjoining VDCs. Similarly, former minister and current CA member Mr. Mahendra Ray was committed to extend all sort of support from his part while speaking as a chief guest of the program. C.A. members, Mrs. Kamala Devi Mahato and Mrs. Rajeshwori Devi Sah also had similar commitment for ODF campaign. If these commitments are me,t as per the spirit of its expression, district will get a big push in ODF campaign in days to come