Discrimination during menstruation

Posted 10 June, 02:41 pm

Bajura District which is one of the most remote district in Nepal has a tradition of keeping women in a seperate small house which is far away from home during the menstruation period which is generally known as “Chaupadi”. During this period women face lots of physical and mental problems while living in these types of houses. The serious problem which they face is the insecurity problem and even there has been news of rape case during chaupadi. During that time they are not provided nutritious food like milk and fruits. People believe if they are provided milk, the cow will stop giving milk; likewise trees will stop bearing fruits if the fruits are given to them. These women nonetheless have to carry out tough tasks like fetching water, collecting fodders, cleaning animal sheds, working in the fields and doing other heavy work during that time.

This tradition of chaupadi is now becomming a barrier to the ongoing ODF campaign which has been initiated by GSF Nepal and now has adopted an innovative approach to create awareness on chaupadi and declare it has chaupadi free zone. For this kuldevmandu VDC of Bajura district has been declared chaupadi free zone. This VDC achieved this status through mass awareness campaign conducted by GSF Programme.