Dharan sub-metroplis to promote green homes

Posted 30 December, 11:18 am

DHARAN, Dec 30 2014 : At a time while unplanned urbanization has taken serious toll on environment in several towns and cities in the country, Dharan Sub-metropolitan City is eager to set an example by promoting eco-friendly green homes.

Such homes are expected to solve the problem of water scarcity, waste management and environment pollution.

The Dharan sub-metropolitan authority has envisioned a plan of action for transforming Dharan into a city of green homes within three years. For this, it has already decided to provide attractive facilities and substantial discounts to those who build green homes, the sub-metropolitan authority informed.

“We´ve decided to waive 50 percent of the charges while approving the maps and designs for green homes. In addition, the designs for green homes will be approved promptly,” said Suraj Shrestha, planning section chief at the sub metropolitan city.

The sub metropolitan authority would felicitate owners of three well-built green homes, according to Shrestha, who has also been designated as the focal person for the green homes project in Dharan.

The plan would be brought into effect from next year on the occasion of World Environment Day.

“We´re ready to provide technical assistance to those opting for green homes construction,” Engineer Shrestha added. “We would also provide them with 25 percent of total estimated cost if they are using rainwater harvesting, solar system and biogas technologies for the green homes.”

The implementation of the ´green homes´ project that has commenced in Dharan since the last year is underway. So far, it has formed a working committee to implement the project. With technical assistance from UN Habitat, Dharan, Lalitpur and Pokhara are the cities in the country promoting green homes.

The government is also preparing the guidelines for green homes to make the construction eco-friendly and discourage rampant construction of concrete buildings.

Meanwhile, Santosh Shrestha, an expert on sustainable housing, said that adoption of green homes concept is the need of the hour to minimize adverse impact on the environment. He further said that green homes are environment friendly because they are sustainable. It would save energy, water and contribute to creating a healthy environment.

Source: The Republica / ROHIT RAI