Elderly citizen narrates cultural values of Newar at Dhoka Pine Phalcha in Bungamati

March 24, 2021: Prem Bahadur Mali, 78 is gossiping with his fellow friends about the cultural notion and importance in their life. Sitting at the Dhoka Pine Phalcha, recently reconstructed space by the Parya Sampada project, Mali thanked all supportive hands in reconstruction of this Falcha keeping the aesthetic value and managing the common platform for elder citizens.

Prem Mali giving his thoughts about Dhokapine Falcha

Hira Kaji Shakya, 73 with a smiley face and broom on his hand added that “I have developed a habit of sweeping the floor every day in this falcha”. He said that prior to the reconstruction elder citizens used to stay alone at their resident but now this Falcha has rejuvenated the social gathering in Bungamati.

Hira Shakya contemplating 

Speaking over the handover program, Ambir Raj Shakya express thanks to the Parya Sampada Project funded by European Union Switch-Asia Programme in assisting the reconstruction and development activities of Bungamati. One of the priority activity of ward office is to reconstruct and revitalize tangible heritage in the Bungamati. He committed that the regular maintenance and cleanliness will be carried out by ward office in coordination with locals.

Ambir Raj Shakya inaugurating the Falcha

Shova Shakya, 50, highlighted that this Falcha creates the meeting space for Swabalambi Mahila Samuha, women lead organization of Bungamati. Women Groups held monthly meetings and other gatherings at the same venue. Jamuna Tamang, ward member of LMC -22 expressed gratitude to UN-Habitat and supportive agencies for this Dhoka Pine Falcha. Such public spaces create the social harmony and bond among members of society.

Shova Shakya with her grand child

Ram Tuladhar, 50, told that the locals carry out Naam Sangati (enchanting of mantras) on the Dhoka Pine Falcha during special occasions. He added that this Falcha is the identity and strong outlet for spreading cultural values in society.