Urban, Land, Legislation And Governance

CATALYTIC SUPPORT TO LAND ISSUES: This two year (2013-2015) project funded by the UN Peace building Fund for Nepal (UNPFN) aims to create an environment onducive for the development and implementation of a land policy, with provisions of land reform and land use, and the peaceful [...]

Urban Planning And Design

GREEN HOMES – PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE HOUSING IN NEPAL This three year (2013-1015) project funded by the European Union aims at promoting sustainable housing technologies and services to contribute towards mitigating climate change and reducing poverty through creation of green jobs and [...]

Urban Basics Services

GLOBAL SANITATION FUND, 2010-2017: The major purpose of Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) is to help large numbers of poor people to attain safe and sustainable sanitation services and adopt good hygiene practices. By doing so, it contributes to progress towards the Millennium Development [...]


PREVENTION AND ELIMINATION OF BONDED LABOUR IN NEPAL (PEBLIN) PROJECT This proposed joint programme seeks to address the challenges by piloting household and community level support measures, through capacity building of local, district and national institutions, and by creating an enabling [...]


TOOLS FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF SCHOOL AND HOSPITAL SAFETY FOR MULTI-HAZARDS IN SOUTH ASIA The toolkit is a joint effort by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UN-Habitat ROAP) and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction [...]