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    COVID-19 Response

    UN-Habitat COVID response Plan:

    Practicing hand hygiene

    Newly formed children club's members of Kamala Higher Secondary School from Panini RM are caring their hands with soap and water. PC: PRAG, [...]

  • Learning to hand wash

    Washing hands can prevent the spread of COVID 19. Women are learning about the steps of hand washing in initiation of Prakash Sachetan Samuha PRAG, [...]

  • Disseminating Message through IEC

    UN Habitat Nepal disseminates the message on essence of Hand Washing and major indicators of total sanitation targeting to people from GSF program.

  • Preparing resilient community to fight against COVID-19

    In a wake against COVID-19 havoc, communities across Nepal are suffering from shortage of hand sanitizer. All the shelf of super market and shops are [...]

  • Grant Project in Nepal mobilises Bungamati Community to produce Protective Face Masks

    In the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Nepal has extended the ongoing nationwide lockdown until 15th April. [...]