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  • UN-Habitat Regional Director visit Gamcha

    Posted:29 June,2015

    June 25th 2015, Gamcha - an ultra-poor community in Kirtipur Municipality of Kathmandu was visited by Mr.Yoshinobu Fukasawa, Regional Director at the [...]

  • Special News on Bardiya ODF

    Posted:25 June,2015

  • ‘Rebuilding the hearts of people’

    Posted:25 June,2015

    24th June 2015, Regional Director, Yoshinobu Fukasawa, at the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) Regional Office for Asia and [...]

  • Shelter project team set off for field mission

    Posted:24 June,2015

    June 24 2015, A newly hired enthusiastic team of staff members including engineer, social mobilizer and logistics assistant set off their field [...]

  • Talk Programme Show on Reconstruction – News24 channel

    Posted:22 June,2015

  • About

    Posted:17 June,2015

    Background More than three quarter of a million houses collapsed or are damaged during the recent earthquake in April 2015. To respond to this [...]

  • Youth Volunteers Revive Over 100 toilets in four days

    Posted:15 June,2015

    June 15th 2015, Youth volunteers with the support of 120 local community volunteers assisted residents in rebuilding more than 100 toilets that were [...]

  • Bardiya declared Terai first ODF District

    Posted:12 June,2015

    On 12th June 2015, Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Mr. Bamdev Gautam declared Bardiya as the 24th open defecation free district in [...]

  • UN-Habitat promoting safer building solutions

    Posted:8 June,2015

    8th June 2015,UN-Habitat will promote safer building solutions during the early recovery phase after the devastating earthquake in Nepal on 25th [...]

  • Relief materials to vulnerable women

    Posted:8 June,2015

    June 8th 2015, More than 2400 local women from twelve earthquake affected communities in the outskirts of Kathmandu received relief materials. The [...]