Global Sanitation Fund Programme Nepal

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  • Sani-News Jan-June 2014

    The GSF programme is finally on the ground in the eight Terai districts (from Parsa to Saptari), which are considered by many to be the most [...]

  • Sani-News July -December 2013

    Looking forward to 2014 2013 was a remarkable year for the sanitation movement in Nepal as well as the GSF programme. The year's highlight was [...]

  • Sani-News April-June 2013

    The GSF programme in Nepal is now in high gear and it is starting to show positive results and also attract the interest of national and [...]

  • ODF Campaign in Sindhupalchowk District

  • Rooftop gardening in Kathmandu -A climate change strategy

  • Talk Program on Green Building Design

    14 August, 2014, Dr. Vincent Kitio, Chief, Urban Energy Branch of UN-Habitat, Nairobi gave a talk on Green Building Design here in Kathmandu on 14 [...]

  • Community Led Rainwater Harvesting Management Project

  • Subsidy status in Sunsari