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  • Dharan sub-metroplis to promote green homes

    Posted:30 December,2014

    DHARAN, Dec 30 2014 : At a time while unplanned urbanization has taken serious toll on environment in several towns and cities in the country, Dharan [...]

  • National symposium on land issues held

    Posted:19 December,2014

    KATHMANDU, Dec 18: Ministry of Land and Reforms and Management (MoLRM) has organized a national symposium on the lands issues in the capital. The [...]

  • Special news on ODF declaration in Arghakhanchi

    Posted:9 December,2014

  • All Bajura households now have toilets

    Posted:29 November,2014

    Bajura, November 28 Bajura was declared Open Defecation Free zone today. Now every household in the district has a toilet....

  • Pokhara UN Habitat gaining popularity: Stakeholders

    Posted:21 November,2014

    Pokhara, November 20,2014 UN Habitat claimed that Green Homes, a joint United Nations Human settlement programme, launched by the organisation in [...]

  • Project Reports

    Posted:19 November,2014

      Empowering Women 4 Women: Access to Land for Sustainable Peace in Nepal Documents Document title Document Applying Social [...]

  • Designers Training accomplished in Bhedetar

    Posted:10 November,2014

    A five days Designer Training -on Sustainable Housing has accomplished in Bhedetar, Dharan. The program was jointly organized by Ministry of Federal [...]

  • अर्घाखाँचीमा सरसफाइ अभियान तीव्र

    Posted:5 November,2014

    November 5 2014 मुक्तिनाथ भुसाल नेपाललाई सन् २०१७ सम्ममा खुला [...]

  • Urbanisation in the spotlight as world marks first World Cities Day

    Posted:31 October,2014

    Shanghai 31 October 2014 The first World Cities Day is being to be commemorated today across the globe under the theme “Leading Urban [...]

  • Bajura yet to rid itself of Chhaupadi tradition

    Posted:22 October,2014

    New trail built for menstruating women Prakash Singh  Bajura, Despite several governmental and non-governmental organisations’ campaigns [...]