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  • Sani-News October – December 2012

    As we head towards 2013, it is important to recall three key events from this last quarter of 2012. The first happened on 10 October 2012....

  • सरसफाई सन्देश, आश्विन २०७१ अंक २

    सहकार्यको ठोस कदम सरसफाइ गुरुयोजना २०६८ को [...]

  • When people felt owned…

    The health management committee (HMC) members, Health Staffs and Female Health Volunteers‘ (FCHVs) gathered on the premises of Dhadwar Sub-Health [...]

  • Sani-News July- September 2012

    The Global Sanitation Fund recently evaluated the performance of UN-HABITAT as the Executing Agency (EA) for the GSF programme in Nepal and came to [...]

  • Integrated water and sanitation services to urban poor communities

  • सरसफाई सन्देश, अषाद २०६९ अंक १

    १३ औं राष्ट्रिय सरसफाइ सप्ताहको शुरुआत सन् २००० मा [...]

  • Sani-News April-June 2012

    On the occasion of National Sanitation Week 2012, GSF Programme in Nepal is proud to present the first issue of our quarterly newsletter [...]

  • Climate Change and Gender Intiatives in Nepal

    UN-HABITAT has developed a checklist for mainstreaming gender under the second phase of Cities and Climate Change Initiatives (CCCI) initiated by [...]