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  • Media sensitized on water & sanitation

    Posted:19 December,2008

    Kathmandu December: Media can play vital role in information dissemination and social development. But in the developing countries like [...]

  • Narayan Tole: A Model Squatter in WATSAN Aspect

    Posted:12 December,2008

    Kathmandu, December: "Everytime when the issue of river pollution is mentioned, people generally blame squatters," said Sudip Pulami, secretary of [...]

  • Garbage – Source of Biogas, Manure

    Posted:15 November,2008

    Kathmandu, November 27: Cover your nose, if you will, but Dhulikhel Municipality is turning its foul-smelling garbage and human wastes into biogas, [...]

  • Cooking gas from waste

    Posted:12 October,2008

    Kathmandu 12 Oct 2008: Cooking gas plants that generate gas from bio-degradable household waste would be useful in addressing the current fuel [...]

  • 200 Households benefited from water plan

    Posted:10 October,2008

    Denizens in Lalitpur-6 are making their efforts to construct a model water distribution system in Lalitpur, Nepal. The system has been designed [...]

  • Nepal’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant with Biogas Reactor constructed

    Posted:26 September,2008

    Dhulikhel Municipality and Shreekhandapur Wastewater Treatment Plant Users Committee with support of UN-HABITAT's Water for Asian Cities Programme [...]

  • Our Civilization Clean Bagmati River

    Posted:24 September,2008

  • Cholera mitigation campaign launched

    Posted:10 September,2008

    Guthi, a non-governmental organisation, has launched a cholera mitigation campaign with a slogan of "Build Good Habit, Drink Pure Water’ in [...]

  • Urban Environmental Management Guideline under preparation in Nepal

    Posted:25 August,2008

    Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) with support of UN-HABITAT Water for Asian Cities (WAC) Programme Nepal have [...]

  • Environment Friendly Mobile Public Toilet brought into operation in Nepal

    Posted:19 August,2008

    The provision of public toilet which used to be a prime concern for municipalitis in Nepal has become today's necessity. However, these [...]